What is Strategy Lab


Strategy Lab is where a planter moves from the abstract to the concrete.  He begins the rigorous process of taking what is in his head and heart and putting it into definite, measurable forms.  Strategy Lab is where the dream is given some structure and process.


Kairos helps the planter put into words the Vision God has placed in him.  Out of that vision a Mission is designed.  Core Values and Basic Beliefs are mined and expressed.  Strategies for entering and embracing the community are developed.  Ideas are worked over again and again, looking for ways a particular community can be introduced to Jesus.  


The Strategy Lab experience is supported by veteran planters.  It is bathed in prayerful petition for our Father's guidance and knowledge.

Starting a church is the work of the Missionary God.  Strategy Lab exists to equip the planter to work with the Sending Father.


Strategy Lab begins on Tuesday morning and ends Saturday evening.  There is no cost except for one's own transportation to the site.  Strategy Labs are held on the campus of a Church of Christ.