What is a church planting coach and can I get one?


The Second Directive of Kairos is: No One Plants Alone.  Every planter who works with Kairos is coached by trained and experienced personnel.  Our coaches have either foreign or Stateside experience in church planting, and all receive extensive and ongoing training.


A coach "walks alongside" the planter.  The planter does the work while the coach watches closely.  The coach understands the process and the steps, so he goes on the journey with the planter.  The planter and coach commit to an honest, transparent relationship.


The coach listens to the planter while, at the same time, listening to the Holy Spirit.  That is hard to explain, but the discipline results in an effective team of planter and coach. 


Planters are smart, hard-working people.  And yet, planting a new church is incredibly challenging.  The coach helps the planter focus and find ways to effectively share the Gospel.