Want to take a look at yourself?  Our online assessment is for potential church planters.

It will help you look at your character, your call, your spouse's support and your competencies.  Fill out the assessment with your spouse and pray about it together.  Show the completed form to one or two others you both trust.  Ask for feedback. 


How about your evangelism? Let the Evangelism Assessment guide your ministry growth.  Send us your results and we'll follow up with a phone call to discuss your assessment and talk about the next steps.


Planter Self Assessment


Evangelism Assessment - White

Discovery Lab is an intense five days of questions, answers, projects presentation--and blessings! Discovery Lab will challenge you like few other events you'll ever experience. That's why it's so good. Take a look at this video of 3 planters talking about their Discovery Lab experiences.


DL video, 2008